Superwinch UT3000 Series Winch 1331200 Review

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The Superwinch UT3000 Series Winch 1331200 is a wonderful utility tool that is lightweight enough to be a portable crane or permanently mounted at your position of choice. The plate and bolts needed for permanent mounting are included in the package. It also includes a 40-feet strong wire pulley rope for versatility. The motor for this winch is 1.2 hp and 12V with a 3,000 lb pull rating. Amazingly there is a wired remote control operation so you can be out of danger when raising heavy loads. To top it all it is extremely affordable and offers the best solution for your light to medium pulley jobs. Whether you use it for your recreation or work, rest assured that this winch comes with a one-year warranty. Click here to Buy From Amazon with 51% Discount Now!

Superwinch UT3000 winch is one of the most efficient winches in the market and it powers load in and out. The 40-inch 3/16” wire rope is strong and long enough to handle loads of varied weight to any height within this range. The dynamic braking system ensures that the rope does not slip in case of an abrupt power failure. This system is also bi-directional so there is maximum safety whichever direction you are moving.

Superwinch UT3000 Winch Features & Specifications

  • Rubber handheld remote with 12′ cord for safety in use
  • 1.2 hp (0.9 kw) PM motor, with a 3,000 LB pull rating,
  • 40 of 3/16″ wire rope with the ability to powers load in and out
  • Full metal differential planetary gear train
  • Pull and turn freespooling clutch gear ratio of 153:1 and dynamic breaking
  • Weather sealed solenoid and circuit breaker protection
  • Removable, clevis pinned with latched hook with rope thimble
  • Standard 4-way roller fairlead (4-way) that attaches to included mounting plate

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Another of the safety features of the Superwinch UT 3000 Winch 1331200 is the 12-foot remote extension cable. Using this feature, you are a­ble to operate the winch at a safe distance from the machinery itself and the load it is working on. It is also possible to use this winch in any weather condition since the solenoid is securely sealed such that power is not interrupted no matter the weather.

The UT3000 Series Superwinch is energy efficient, it boasts of a low draw 1.2 hp PM motor which is easily attached to your car battery or a 12-volt battery. This motor has a circuit breaker and mechanized movements of the rope. There is also a freespooling clutch that allows you to separate the motor and draw out by hand the needed length of rope. This allows for flexibility when using this tool.

Superwinch UT3000 Winch Review

The Superwinch UT3000 Series Winch 1331200 has 108 reviews on The average rating is 4-star and 53 reviews actually gave this tool a 5-star rating. This is an indication of just how helpful this tool is when it comes to hauling stuff. It is not a very large item and most of the reviewers were amazed at the amount of power it could muster. There are numerous positive remarks on the affordability of this tool and the fast and free shipping. There is actually no tool that compares to the Superwinch UT3000 Series in its price range. Click here to read more reviews.

One reviewer requests for a better spring system in the freespooling although the installation is easy enough to operate. One reviewer broke a switch the first time he used it but with proper handling and following the given instructions, the Superwinch 1331200 UT3000 stays in good working condition.

Get hauling all your loads up to 3000 lbs using the Superwinch UT3000 Series Winch 1331200. You will save money because it is affordable and time since it is a powerful tool that is quite easy to use. Click here to SAVE $105 on the Superwinch UT3000 Series Winch for a limited time only!

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Jeannot Leduc February 15th, 2012 (#)

Bonjour, j’ai un winch sur mon vtt marquer 3000 part 1331200 serie R118186 mais je ne vois plus la marque.C’est possiblement un Superwinch UT3000 de la série 1331200. Il me manque le bouton dans le bout du winch pour mettre libre le déroulement du cable. Est-ce que cette pièce est disponible et si oui comment je peux me la procurer et à quel prix….

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