Superwinch LP10000 Series Winch 1510200 Review

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The Superwinch LP 10000 Series Winch 1510200 is the best product one could buy if they are new to winching and to take care of their medium-heavy horsepower winching needs. With this product and its features you can get the power that you have always desired.

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The Superwich LP 10000 series is suitable for use on all 4×4 vehicles and comes with a lot of features, such as a 10,000 LB pull rating, a 5.1 horsepower series wound motor, durable 85 feet of 3/8” steel wire rope, a heavy duty powder coated roller fairlead and a 12 inched corded rubber remote.

Superwinch LP 10000 Winch Features & Specifications

  • 12VDC/5.1 hp weather-sealed series wound motor with a 10,000-lb pull rating
  • 85′ of 3/8″ steel wire rope with heavy-duty latched hook and rope thimble
  • Automatic, mechanical load holding braking
  • 12′ rubber handheld remote for safe operating distances
  • Weather-sealed solenoid and circuit breaker
  • Powder-coated 4-way roller fairlead
  • Free spooling lever action clutch

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The Superwinch LP 10000 design is such that it fits almost all of the 4×4 vehicles as well as RVs, trailers and other vehicles of comparable size. This electric winch is easy to use and not complex at all. Other features of this product include the ability to draw out as much wire that is required manually, through a lever action freespooling clutch that allows the user to quickly disengage the motor and thus, be able to perform the mentioned function themselves if they feel like it.

With this kind of product a person is buying something that is concerned about their safety as well. A number of safety features accompany this lp10000 superwinch that helps protect the life we consider valuable and irreplaceable. These safety features include automatic load holding as well as mechanical breaking to minimize the probability of the wire rope from slipping in case there is a power failure or surge. The safety features also provides a quick stopping of the drum as well as circuit breaker protection to ensure reliable, safe, electromagnetic power to be supplied regardless of the weather this product is used in. A rubber coated remote also provides safe distance between the user and the superwinch atv winch when it is being used off vehicle.

Superwinch LP10000 Review

All of the buyers that have used the Superwinch LP 10000 Series Winch 1510200 have found that they used their money on the right product that delivers what it promises. By looking at the reviews of this product one can see that the Superwinch LP 10000 series performs under every kind of weather, even in blizzards and storms it has performed its function effectively time and time again and continues to do so. Click here to read more reviews.

The only negative thing about this superwinch lp10000 is that the line speed is a bit slow compared to the other winches but if you look at the durability of the material from which the Superwinch LP 10000 Series winch was made one can see that the slow line speed does not matter as the product is of high quality and effective when used.

So, if you are looking for a winch that is high in quality, easy to use, safe and in your budget then the Superwinch LP 10000 Winch is the product for you. By using this product you too will become a part of the satisfied buyers who gave this product a rating of 4.5 stars on Click here to SAVE $349.92 on the Superwinch LP10000 Series Winch for a limited time only!

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