Superwinch 09034 EPi9.0 Series Master Winch Review

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The Superwinch EPi9.0 Series Master Winch 09034 is a compact winch which is suitable for both domestic and heavy-duty field jobs alike. It is suitable to use on vehicles as well as inside your workshops and around your home for your winching jobs.

The Superwinch EPi9.0 winch comes with a 100-feet long durable winch rope which can be controlled with the winch’s efficient 4.6 hp motor. The winch motor has a pull rating of 9,000 lb and can be controlled with a three-stage gear train. The winch also comes with a freespooling clutch for lifting and turning trees etc. The Master winch also allows you to perform your winching tasks from a remote area and hence provides you flexibility to perform your task.

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The EPi9.0 Series Master Winch is designed to work efficiently on 4×4 and similar vehicles. The rope is pulled in and pulled out in a mechanized way through a high-power motor which can be easily attached to car battery or an auxiliary battery.

Superwinch 09034 EPi9.0 Winch Features & Specifications

  • 12-Volt DC winch with a 9,000-lb capacity
  • Wire rope measures 100 feet
  • Rubber handheld remote with 12 feet lead for convenient and safe use
  • Measure 23.35″ l. x 6.26″ d. x 7.13″ h and weights 114-lbs

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The superwinch epi 9.0 winch uses a 100-foot long ultra-durable rope which is taped with a red indicator to alert you when you are five feet from the end of the rope length, hence providing durability without sacrificing your and device’ safety. The rope can be easily attached and de-attached to pin and hook.

The superwinch electric winch comes with automatic braking which minimizes any slippage if power goes out or if the unit experiences a power surge. The automatic braking and load holding system makes the unit safer to use. Also, the unit comes with a rubberized switch with a 12-foot long extension wire which allows the user to operate the winch from a safe/remote distance. The superwinch epi 9.0 also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Superwinch EPi9.0 Winch Review

Users of the Superwinch EPi9.0 Series Master Winch 09034 are extremely satisfied with its performance. Most users have praised Master winch for its power and speed. They found that its motor’s speed is faster than other winches available in the market. Users say that they have used the unit to pull and hold falling trees smoothly without any stoppage. Users have found that superwinch epi 9.0 performed efficiently in all types of weather conditions. Most of the users have called it a powerful, highly-efficient unit. Click here to SAVE $446 on the Superwinch EPi9.0 Winch for a limited time only!

Some users found problems with the hardware especially with the bolts and would advise the buyers to carefully check the dimensions of winch plate and the winch unit to avoid any hardware problems.

In our use of Superwinch 09034 EPi9.0 Series Master Winch, we found the unit super-fast, highly-efficient, and powerful. It doesn’t sap the battery and we can assure you that it can be used on car batteries with confidence. It seems that in the new unit the hardware problems that some users were experiencing have been resolved, as round bolts have been replaces with square ones which fit perfectly. We also found that unlike other winches, Superwinch is easy to carry and can be used in all types of environmental conditions. We highly recommend this unit.

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